Add compression to any Web or Windows application. Includes self-extraction and AES encryption.

PowerTCP ZIP Compression for ActiveX can service most of your file management needs! Review the table below to see how it can help you meet your zip compression/decompression requirements.

Problem PowerTCP Zip Compression for ActiveX Solution
You need to instantly and easily add zip/unzip functionality to your application. Is one line of code easy enough?! With our PowerTCP Zip Compression for ActiveX, adding zip/unzip functionality couldn’t be any faster or easier!
Must have flexible advanced options and exacting control over your zip and unzip operations. So what you need isn’t always that simple. We’ve provided for that, too! Read on!
Must have high speed and high compression? Other tools will offer you both, but the more compression required, the slower the process. This product will give you high speed and maximum compression with minimum trade-off!
Need to ensure your zip file is secure? No Problem. AES encryption capability gives you control over one of the world's strongest encryption mechanisms.
Need to create a self-extracting zip file. With PowerTCP Zip for ActiveX one function call will create an EXE file instead of a zip file.
Need the incredible flexibility and options of a FileStore? What’s a FileStore?!? We’re glad you asked! The flexibility you’ve always wanted is made possible with this feature. FileStore is a powerful collection object that represents files or memory buffers that can be in a compressed file, a group of uncompressed files, a compressed memory buffer or an uncompressed memory buffer. Each item (file or memory buffer) is represented by a File Object. This individual file object can be queried for specific information about the individual item. The FileStore can contain millions of file objects, and it doesn’t care where the files or memory is located or what you wish to do with them. Review the definition for a more complete explanation!
Need to quickly search for a specific file within a zipped file? PowerTCP Zip for ActiveX allows you to search right at the file level.
Need to extract numerous files or just a single file from a compressed file? Our FileStore object gives you a choice, extract single or multiple files from a compressed file!
Need a quick way to manage uncompressed and compressed files? Quickly add both compressed and uncompressed files directly into the FileStore object; zip at your convenience!
Need to add super fast compression/decompression functionality to your client/server/middle tier implementations? This tool isn’t just fast in one circumstance, it supplies the fastest available compression/decompression performance for client/server/middle-tier implementations!
Need even more ways to save time writing code? Save on code by directly zipping and unzipping to memory or disk!
Need to save steps, save time, save code? And you thought you HAD to write all that code to move data from a memory buffer to a compressed zip file! With PowerTCP Zip Compression for ActiveX you can seamlessly move data from a memory buffer to a file or another memory buffer.
Need to zip files in your ASP application? This tool fully supports ASP and allows you to implement ASP-side on-the-fly compression!
Need to add Zip functionality to an application created with other PowerTCP for ActiveXs? Other zip products may not be interoperable with others in the same product line. This tool is fully compatible with all other PowerTCP Products using the DartStream memory buffer. Easily zip data and send information across the Internet using PowerTCP FTP for ActiveX with no intermediate step.
Need to start working in the .NET framework? Includes ASP .NET samples that demonstrate the use of the Zip Compression for ActiveX in the .NET Framework PLUS, the objected oriented functionality of all of our PowerTCP products will help you to become familiar with the .Net framework.
Using a newer Windows version, and you can’t find a tool to take advantage of its speed? You’ve found the right tool! PowerTCP Zip Compression for ActiveX has “self-adjusting memory usage optimization” for more advanced operating systems such as Windows NT to always assure maximum performance.
Targeting UNIX and need to add zip functionality based on the gzip standard? PowerTCP Zip for ActiveX supports both Windows zip standards and gzip for UNIX!
Coding in C++ and you need wrappers? Great! We know not EVERYONE is working in Visual Basic. So we’ve provided C++ wrappers classes for those of you that prefer them.