Create custom SNMP Manager, Trap and Agent applications for monitoring and controlling network devices. 

Implementing an SNMP Manager with v3 Capabilities


The developer is faced with the challenge of creating a fully functional SNMP Manager with optional v3 support. The application must:

  • Discover agents on a network
  • Get and set agents variables
  • Support v1, v2 and secure v3 queries
  • Send and receive Inform messages
  • Receive Trap and Notify messages
  • Retrieve SNMP tables
  • Maintain a v3 User table
  • Log SNMP activity


With the PowerSNMP Manager component, applications can accomplish all these tasks. The sample demonstrates:

  • Agent discovery using the broadcast address
  • Getting agent variable values
  • Setting writable agent variable values
  • v3 Security with an interface for maintaining users and passwords
  • Sending Inform messages to other managers
  • Receiving and logging Trap, Notify and Inform messages
  • Retrieving and displaying SNMP tables

The Manager sample is included with the full trial installation of PowerSNMP for .NET. To dowload this sample with additional product-specific samples and documentation, see the following:

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