PowerSNMP for .NET 4.4 has been released with many new features and issue fixes.


Some of the feature highlights include: 

  • New samples, including a Windows Presentation Foundation (WFP) Agent, a WFP Manager, a Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) Service and a Web Service
  • A new Walk method for traversing a subtree in an Agent's MIB with one line of code
  • New support for DISPLAY-HINTS, for displaying variable values as intended
  • A VariableList.Populate method for displaying variables in a Treeview


Some of the fixed issues include:

  • The MIB parser can now handle tables and table entries that do not conform to standard naming convention
  • The GetTable function now handles tables with indices that span multiple octets
  • The Manager now gracefully handles agents that send InvalidEngineID reports specifying the wrong EngineID


For a complete list of improvements, see the PowerSNMP for .NET Release History.


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