PowerTCP Emulation for .NET 4.x fills the VT Emulation, Telnet and remote access communication gaps in the .NET Framework by providing a VT display and stream-based Telnet communication that can be plugged into any Framework 2.0 application.


Dart Communications is pleased to announce the release of PowerTCP Emulation for .NET 4.0. This latest version of the venerable PowerTCP product line gets a new .NET 2.0 re-design that leverages the power of the latest .NET environments to provide the most advanced Internet Communications controls and components available. Features include:

  • VT52, VT100, VT220, VT320 terminal support
  • Key mapping simplified with a specialized KeyDown event
  • Screen scraping functions for extracting text from the display and scroll buffer
  • Display customization with numerous options
  • International character set support
  • Double-wide Unicode character support
  • Graphic characters fully supported for all fonts
  • TrueType font support
  • Support for ClearType and standard font smoothing
  • Comprehensive style information for every cell in the display
  • Automatic HTML conversion of scraped text
  • Powerful printing capabilities, including auto-print
  • Integrated telnet option sends and receives automatically
  • 64 bit OS support


The Emulation for .NET product also includes Telnet, Rexec, Rsh and Rlogin communication components. Features include:

  • Auto-option negotiation with easy configuration options
  • Secure SSL Telnet support
  • Blocking reads that wait for defined delimiters, specifically designed for scripting applications
  • Start method for easily implemented mult-threaded applications, including cross-threading marshaling support
  • Logging event for easy debugging and session logging
  • Proxy support Auto-login capabilities


The .NET environment has evolved, and so has its users. Customers are developing more applications for ASP.NET, more console applications, and more service applications. Lacking UIs, pseudo-blocking and asynchronous methods are not relevant for these environments. There are also trends towards greater levels of customer control. For these reasons, PowerTCP for .NET 4.x was designed with the following emphases:

  • Improved Asynchronous Support
    Traditional PowerTCP asynchronous support provided a means for executing methods on worker threads, but this required a signaling mechanism indicating when operations completed. This resulted in difficult-to-maintain, event-driven code. With the new design, code is more self-documenting, uses fewer resources, and is more flexible to use.
  • Improved Re-Use of .NET 2.0 Features
    PowerTCP 4.x has taken advantage of generics, improved support for X509 certificates, and other features introduced in .NET 2.0. Now that most users have migrated from .NET 1.x, PowerTCP can be upgraded without sacrificing backward compatibility. Of course, the .NET 1.x product line will still be licensed for use in the .NET 1.x environment to support legacy applications.
  • Integrated Security
    Secure Socket Layer (SSL) security is integrated into the core product, so that SSL encryption is included in each new product.


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