PowerTCP Emulation for .NET 4.4.1 has been released with many exciting new features and issue fixes.


Some of the enhancements include:

  • A new AnsiColors property, providing much more control over how colors appear in the display. Users can select from commonly used pre-defined color styles, or fine-tune each individual color and its bold (bright) counterpart.
  • The cursor has been enhanced in two ways. First, its color can now be set. Second, there is now a fourth appearance option, in addition to block, underline and invisible. The cursor can now appear as a vertical bar, as in applications such as notepad.


Some of the issue fixes include:

  • Fixed problems with printing certain escape sequences
  • The reverse backcolor now matches the normal forecolor
  • Padding now behaves as in other scrollable controls
  • Fixed an issue with programmatic selection of areas in the display
  • The status bar no longer flickers when the display is updated frequently


For a complete list of improvements, see the PowerTCP Emulation for .NET Release History.


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