PowerTCP Mail for .NET 4.3 has been released with new features and maintenance fixes.


New in PowerTCP Mail for .NET: 

  • XOAUTH2 authentication support for Imap, Smtp and Pop.
  • MailMessage.ReplyInline and MailMessage.ReplyAllInline Methods have been added, which will prepend a reply to the original message text.
  • Imap.GetAllMailboxes has been added, which can be used to retrieve a list of all mailboxes.
  • Imap.Select has been added, which can be used to select mailboxes by absolute path.
  • Now includes support for UTF8=Accept and UTF8=Only server advertised capabilities so that quoted UNICODE Strings can be sent to a server.


Some of the maintenance fixes include:

  • An issue where some SMIME messages with a content-type of application/pkcs7-mime would fail to decode has been corrected.
  • If PunyCode decoding fails for any reason the original encoded header will be preserved.
  • In issue where MailMessage.ReplyAll could incorrectly populate recipient data has been addressed.


Developer Note: In order to provide more concise groupings for server settings the Smtp and Imap controls now use SmtpSession and ImapSession to store settings instead of the previously shared MailSession.


For a complete list of improvements, see the PowerTCP Mail for .NET Release History.