PowerTCP Sockets for .NET 4.x leverages a .NET 2.0+ re-design, providing the most advanced Internet Communications components available.


Dart Communications is pleased to announce the release of PowerTCP Sockets for .NET version 4.3. This release features an innovative, elegant new design, making TCP/IP-based communications easier to work with than ever before.


Implement state-of-the-art multi-threaded operations. Create sophisticated high-performance server applications. Include SSL for airtight security.


Some of the exciting highlights include:

  • Model-View-Controller design, which uses fewer resources, is more flexible, and produces code that is easier to maintain
  • Improved Use of .NET Features including generics and IPv6
  • SSL support for secure communications from a single method call
  • SOCKS4, SOCKS5, HttpConnect proxy design editor support
  • Create servers with dedicate worker threads for each incoming connection, or make asynchronous reads utilizing efficient IO completion threads
  • Look-up MX Records, including server preferences
  • Ping without the need of admin permissions using system dlls
  • Broadcast pings over a network
  • Trace routes to discover bottlenecks
  • Support for Windows applications, services and ASP.NET web applications
  • Many sample projects for C#, VB.NET, C++/CLI, including ASP.NET
  • Comprehensive MS Help 2.0 and Help Viewer 1.0 integrated documentation
  • Stand-alone and online documentation also provided
  • NET Framework 4 Client Profile compatible
  • 64-bit OS support


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