PowerTCP SSH and SFTP for .NET 4.x leverages a .NET 2.0+ re-design, filling a gap in the .NET Framework and providing an ease of use for developing a broad spectrum of SSH-2 file transfer and online applications.


Dart Communications is pleased to announce the release of PowerTCP SSH and SFTP for .NET 4.3. Some of the features include:

  • Improved Asynchronous Support uses fewer resources, is more flexible, and produces code that is easier to maintain
  • Improved Use of .NET Features including generics and IPv6
  • Secure SSH Session and SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol) Components
  • Username/password and PEM public key authentication
  • Encryption/decryption using Triple DES and AES
  • Upload, download and delete files; create and remove directories
  • Parse listings automatically
  • Wildcard support for multi-file transfers (mput and mget)
  • Cancel and restart transfers
  • Multiple sessions over a single connection
  • COM interface for use in COM environments such as VB6


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