PowerTCP SSH and SFTP for .NET 4.4 has been released with many new features and issue fixes.


Some of the enhancements include: 

  • Automatic FIPS compliance. The components will only use FIPS-certified cryptography algorithms when required.
  • The ability to specify the local endpoint to bind to when making a connection.
  • A new AutoSetTime property controls whether or not a file's timestamp is updated after an uploaded.
  • New progress data, including list and file completion percentage.
  • New samples, including a WCF service sample in C# and VB.NET.


Some of the issue fixes include:

  • Fixed threading synchronization problems when working with multiple components.
  • Overhauled the handling of connection timeouts.
  • The Progress event is now raised only once when a copy completes.
  • The Progress event is now raised for each file and folder in a multi-copy operation.


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