PowerTCP SSH and SFTP for .NET 4.8 has been released with new features and maintenance fixes.


New in PowerTCP SSH and SFTP for .NET:

  • Added support for hmac-sha2-256 and hmac-sha2-512 MAC algorithms.
  • An IsSocket property was added to the SftpFileAttributes class to indicate when a file name corresponds to a network socket.


Some of the fixes include: 

  • Exceptions now preserve their call stack when re-thrown.
  • Resuming a file transfer download works as expected.


Developer Note:  Dart.Ssh.EventArgs was renamed to Dart.Ssh.BaseEventArgs to avoid an ambiguity with System.EventArgs. Ssh.StateChanged and Sftp.StateChanged event-handlers will need to be modified to reflect this change.


For a complete list of improvements, see the PowerTCP SSH and SFTP for .NET Release History.