PowerWEB File Upload for ASP.NET 4.0 has been released with new features and issue fixes.


Some of the feature highlights include: 

  • Upgrade to the 4.0 licensing model. There are no longer separate "trial" and "licensed" versions of the dll.
  • A new sample demonstrating File Upload integration with SFTP
  • A new FileSelected event that provides the names of the selected files server-side, immediately after they are selected.
  • The ability to show progress bars above or below status updates in the ProgressPanel.
  • A new timeout property which prevents uploads from waiting indefinitely for the browser to send data.


Some of the fixed issues include:

  • Fixed uploads to web servers listening on non-standard ports behind proxies and load balancers.
  • Fixed problems with uploading 0 byte files.
  • Uploads now immediately fail when size of selected file exceeds MaxFileSize, under most conditions.


For a complete list of improvements, see the PowerWEB File Upload for ASP.NET Release History.


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