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Discontinued December 31, 2018

PowerWEB TextBox for ASP.NET Product Features

An ASP.NET server control that adds flexible, dynamic, easy-to-use WYSIWYG editing capabilities to your web applications. Replace that boring TextArea with the power of a word processor!



Easy To Use

  • Intuitive Property Builder configures all aspects of the editor
  • No ActiveX, Java, Flash, or client components required
  • No external XML or configuration files to manipulate
  • Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) support
  • Many ASP.NET sample pages for both C# and VB.NET 

TextBox for ASP.NET's sample projects >



  • Fully customizable toolbar - show as many tools as you want
  • Unlimited fonts and styles can be added
  • Toolbar buttons support AJAX callbacks or traditional postbacks
  • Filter for uploaded file types



  • Client-side script API is fully documented
  • Implement user roles using code-behind
  • AJAX Auto-Save triggered by keystroke count or time interval
  • Developed in managed C#
  • Compatible with Visual Studio 2008 as well as VS 2002, 2003 and 2005



  • Both HTML WYSIWYG and HTML source editing modes
  • Cut, Copy, and Paste - just like a word processor
  • Insert Flash movies and Windows Media files 
  • Full image support - upload, preview, configure and place
  • Supports IE 6.0+ and Mozilla 1.3+ (Firefox, Netscape) for both PC and Mac



PowerWEB TextBox for ASP.NET will operate on any Microsoft operating system that fully supports the Microsoft .NET Framework 1.0 or higher, as by nature, .NET components are dependent on the Framework rather than a specific operating system. The components can be used with any .NET compliant language, but have only undergone testing with the following languages: 

  • C#
  • VB.NET


PowerWEB TextBox for ASP.NET components have been tested in the following development environments:

  • Visual Studio .NET 2002, 2003, 2005, 2008
  • Visual Web Developer 2005 Express


PowerWEB TextBox for ASP.NET has been tested for use in the following Web Browsers:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 6, 7, 8, 9 for Windows
  • Netscape 7.1+ for Windows
  • Netscape 7.1+ for Macintosh OS X
  • Mozilla 1.3+ for Windows
  • Mozilla 1.3+ for Macintosh OS X
  • Firefox for Windows
  • Firefox for Macintosh OS X


Default HtmlBox
Demonstrates using the HtmlBox component with default settings. Common functionality such as standard editing (bold, italic, underline etc), color pickers, special character pickers, and right-click menus are demonstrated in this default configuration.

Two HtmlBoxes
Demonstrates using multiple HtmlBox components on a form. When multiple instances are used, they all share the same JavaScript code and HTML elements (such as dialogs) to minimize the download size.

Demonstrates a highly-customized editor, including custom button actions, custom dialogs, custom menus, and custom styles.

Latest News
Demonstrates how to add HTML-enhanced news items to a "Latest News" section of a website.

Web Content Manager (not available online)
Demonstrates a simple content manager which can be used to modify and save changes to a web page.

HTML Mail Demo (not available online)
Demonstrates using PowerWEB TextBox for ASP.NET in conjunction with PowerTCP Mail for .NET to create a robust web mail application which is capable of sending HTML email. Click here to download the source code for this demo. Note, this demo is dependent on PowerTCP Mail for .NET, so be sure to download and install this product as well.


Product Release History

The following is a list of public releases for all components shipped with PowerWEB TextBox for ASP.NET (Latest Release 2009-06-05)


PowerWEB TextBox for ASP.NET

   Current Version:   Released: 2009-06-05


Product fixes in this release:

  • The Table menu now appears correctly in Firefox. (4160)
  • The AutoSaveFrequency property now works like it should. (4388)
  • Data sent by the page using Response.BinaryWrite is no longer corrupted. (4541)
  • Multiple instances of the HtmlBox now behave correctly in Firefox. (4779)
  • The Autosave event now continues to fire after a Postback. (4805)
  • Items can now be added to the Toolbar after items have been inserted into the Toolbar. (4879)
  • The dropdown controls continue to work correctly if an item has been removed from the Toolbar using the PropertyBuilder. (4920)   Released: 2008-08-28


  • This release corrects an issue introduced with .NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1. No other corrections or enhancements are added with this release, and upgrading is unnecessary unless using on a workstation with SP1.


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