A Quick and Easy Interactive VT Client


The developer wishes to implement a user-interactive VT Emulation client with minimal effort dedicated to telnet communications. The application must:


  • Gracefully emulate VT sessions
  • Provide an intuitive keymapping interface
  • Include print screen options
  • Log sessions to disk
  • Include color and font settings
  • Copy and paste text from the display
  • Offer national character sets and encodings




With the PowerTCP VT control, applications can perform these tasks and more. The Telnet Client sample demonstrates how to establish an interactive VT telnet session, while providing the user with numerous function and settings options. This sample uses the VT SetStream function to interface with the Telnet component included with the Emulation for .NET product .

The Telnet Client sample is included with the full trial installation of PowerTCP Emulation for .NET. To download this sample with additional product-specific samples and documentation, see the following:


PowerTCP Emulation for .NET

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