ASP Samples

These ASP samples demonstrate server-side use of PowerTCP and PowerSNMP ActiveX Components. The VB Scripting code is shown so you can see how easy it is to make your web site a portal to any Internet resource! For examples on how to use our products in other environments such as VB, VC++, Delphi, Borland, and more, download the product you are interested in. Complete source code demonstrating the use of the product is included with the download.



Sample Name Sample Description Product
POP Mail Client Mail for ActiveX gets messages from any POP mailbox and sends messages. The Winsock for ActiveX determines the recipient's email server (by doing an MX record lookup). Mail for ActiveX
Web Site Scraping Web for ActiveX downloads the web page you specify, and displays the header and body in edit boxes. Web for ActiveX
SMTP Mail Demo Mail for ActiveX e-mails the message you type into an edit box. Mail for ActiveX
Autologin Demo Telnet for ActiveX is used to automatically log in to a Telnet server based on given values for the server's address and various prompts and responses. Telnet for ActiveX
DNS Demo Winsock for ActiveX resolves the e-mail address, host name, or dot address you enter. Winsock for ActiveX
Rexec Demo Telnet for ActiveX uses the REXEC protocol to log into a UNIX host, execute a task, and return the generated output for display in the browser. Telnet for ActiveX
HTML Mail Web for ActiveX gets a page (including all images) and then sends it to the specified E-Mail address. Web for ActiveX
Mail for ActiveX
SNMP MIB Viewer Compile and view MIB variables online. PowerSNMP for ActiveX
Ping on the Web Ping a host online. Ping Enterprise for ActiveX