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Dns ActiveX Control

Use the Dns control to integrate domain name resolution into any COM application, allowing your application to easily resolve domain names, host addresses, and email addresses. Features include:

  • The Dns control bypasses Winsock system services, so you can query ANY Domain Name Server on the Internet.
  • Resolve a domain name to a dot address (forward lookup)
  • Resolve a dot address to a domain name (reverse lookup)
  • Resolve an email address to the mail server responsible for the mail server (mx lookup)
  • The Dns control comes complete with extensive samples.
Development Environments
  • Visual Studio .NET (.NET Framework)
  • Visual Basic (VB)
  • Visual C++ (VC++)
  • FoxPro
  • ASP
  • Office 97/2000


Interface Members
Public Properties
Addresses Collection of addresses in dot notation (nnn.nnn.nnn.nnn) returned by the Domain Name Server.
Id Sets the Dns request ID included with the request.
Names Collection of names returned by the Domain Name Server.
ServerName Domain Name Server to use for queries.
ServerPort Domain Name Server port for queries.
Timeout Controls the blocking behavior of methods that can be used in blocking and non-blocking ways.
Public Methods
Abort Abort any blocking method and release all system resources.
About Show the About Box.
GetAddress Resolve a host name to a dot address.
GetMailServer Get the mail server (or servers) responsible for receiving mail for a given email address.
GetName Resolve a dot address to a host name.
Public Events
Error Fires when an error condition occurs.
Response Fires after the Id, Addresses, and Names properties are updated with the contents of a DNS response.


Code Example

How easy is the DNS ActiveX control to use? Check out the following VB example below, which demonstrates getting an IP address for a domain name.


' Specify the DNS server to use to resolve the request
Dns1.ServerName = "Dns1.nameserver.com"

' Get the IP address for a url
Dns1.GetAddress "dart.com"

' show the result to the user
MsgBox "Address of dart.com: " & Dns1.Addresses(1)


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