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Ping ActiveX Control

Use the Ping control to easily send and receive ICMP echo (Ping) messages. Dynamically discovers if a host is reachable. Features include:

  • Determine if any host is online and reachable.
  • Simple interface makes the Ping control easy-to-use.
  • Ping a host using blocking or non-blocking techniques.
  • Specify any amount of data to send along with the Ping packet.
  • Assign an ID to the Ping packet.

    Development Environments

    • Visual Studio .NET (.NET Framework)
    • Visual Basic (VB)
    • Visual C++ (VC++)
    • FoxPro
    • PowerBuilder
    • Delphi
    • C++ Builder
    • ASP (requires the ASP user to have permission to use raw sockets; see Ping Enterprise for a control that does not have this requirement)
    • Office 97/2000


    Public Constructors
    Ping Use the Ping Control to determine if a host is reachable.
    Public Properties
    Data Optional data that is sent and returned with each ping request.
    Delay Time between sending the ping request and receiving the response (round-trip time in milliseconds).
    Id Sets the ping request ID included with the request.
    Timeout Controls the blocking behavior of methods that can be used in blocking and non-blocking ways.
    Public Methods
    Abort Abort any blocking method and release all system resources.
    About Show the About Box.
    Ping Determine if a host is reachable.
    Error Fires when an error condition occurs.
    Response Fires after the Id, Delay, and Data properties are updated with the contents of a ping response.


    Code Example

    How easy is the Ping ActiveX component to use? Check out the following Ping VB example below, which demonstrates getting an IP address for a domain name.


    On Error GoTo OnError ' use intrinsic error handling

    Dim Count As Integer
    Dim Delay As Integer
    Ping1.Timeout = 10000 'give it 10 seconds to complete
    Delay = 0

    ' Ping a host 3 times.
    For Count = 1 To 3
    Ping1.Ping "www.dart.com"
    Delay = Delay + Ping1.Delay
    Next Count

    ' take the average time
    Delay = Delay / Count
    MsgBox "Server is reachable, average delay " & Delay & " ms"

    Exit Sub

    OnError: ' Any error jumps here
    Debug.Print "ERROR #" + CStr(Err.Number) + ": " + Err.Description


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