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PowerTCP Mail for .NET MailMessage Class

The MailMessage class is at the core of the product. It is created when an encoded email message is decoded, or when it is "built-up" in code by setting properties and adding MIME entities (parts). The former usage is typical when using the Pop and Imap components to decode messages. The latter usage is typical when composing email prior to sending it using the Smtp component.


The PowerTCP MailMessage class is more capable than the MailMessage class included with the .NET framework:

  • System.Net.Mail.MailMessage is used for basic message composition only, whereas Dart.Mail.MailMessage supports the interpretation of decoded messages and message editing
  • Dart.Mail.MailMessage exposes an encoding/decoding Stream, allowing developers to stream encoded data to any destination
  • Dart.Mail.MailMessage supports S/MIME encoding and decoding


MailMessage represents a decoded MIME, Secure MIME (S/MIME), or non-MIME Internet email message. MailMessage.GetEncodingStream() returns a Stream that performs encoding and decoding of the message. Writing to this Stream incrementally populates the MailMessage with decoded content. Reading from this Stream fills the user's buffer with the next segment of encoded bytes.

MailMessage is used by the Smtp component to encode email and by the Pop and Imap components to decode received email. MailMessage can also be used independently as a general purpose S/MIME encoder/decoder. Supported transfer encoding types are Base64, Quoted Printable and UUEncode. Unicode encoding takes advantage of all encoders installed on the system. Every MIME attachment, MIME part, and label element is represented as an object, giving you unsurpassed processing convenience.


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