PowerTCP SSL for ActiveX

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Sample Projects Included

The PowerTCP SSL for ActiveX samples included with the installation are fully working applications with complete source code.
Sample Name Sample Description Environments
FTP Client Demonstrates a simple FTP client that can be used with the Secure FTP Server sample. VB6, VC++ (VC6)
GetSite Uses the Mget method to retrieve an entire directory tree. VB6, VC++ (VC6)
PutSite Uses the MPut method to store an entire directory tree. VB6, VC++ (VC6)
Secure FTP Server Uses the SecureFtpServer Control to demonstrate a simple Secure FTP server. Use it with the Secure FTP Client. VB6, VC++ (VC6)
Secure Echo Server Demonstrates a simple secure Echo server. VB6, VC++ (VC6)
Secure TCP Client Uses the SecureTcp Control to make SSL connections to any secure port. VB6, VC++ (VC6, VS2012)
Secure Web Alive A secure version of the Web Alive sample which compares the download performance of any 2 web pages. Useful for comparing the relative performance of mirrored Web Servers. VB 6
POP Client Demonstrates a simple POP mail client that can be used with any POP server that supports secure communications. VB6, VC++ (VC6, VS2012)