PowerTCP SSL for ActiveX

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    Included with PowerTCP SSL for ActiveX

    • 22 Controls/Objects.
    • 25 sample projects with source.
    • Full MS Help 1.3 Documentation, including examples.
    • Free Introductory Support.


    Component Description
    CertificateList Control Presents the user with an interface to select certificates.
    Daemon Control Accepts TCP connections.
    Ftp Control Copies files between a local client and an FTP server that supports the SSL2.0/30, TLS or PCT security protocols.
    SecureFtpServer Control Use to build into your application a fully-functioning standalone or custom secure FTP server.
    Pop Control Use to retrieve mail from a POP3 server that supports the SSL 2.0/3.0, TLS or PCT security protocols.
    SecureServer Control Use to quickly build custom server applications that use authentication and encryption
    SecureTcp Control Manages streams of data that require security.
    Service Control Use to make your application into an NT Service.
    Certificate Object Use to access information about a digital certificate.
    Certificates Object Collection of Certificate Objects.
    CertificateStore Object Use to gain access to a store of certificates on the local system.
    Children Object Provides a collection of SecureTCP Objects that have been dynamically created.
    DartStream Object Use the DartStream Object to manage a streamed buffer to/from memory or a file.
    FtpVariable Object Use to store and manage variables.
    FtpVariables Object Collection of FtpVariable Objects.
    ListEntry Object Provides easy access to file information provided by an FTP listing.
    ListEntries Object Collection of ListEntry Objects.
    Message Object Transforms any Internet mail message into an object that you can easily manipulate with code. Also provides stand-alone MIME encoding and decoding.
    Request Object Use to obtain information about the current request.
    Response Object Use to manage information sent back to the client.
    Session Object Use to manage information describing a client session.
    Sessions Object Use the Sessions Object to manage multiple Session Objects.
    User Object Use to obtain information about the current user and to indicate that a client has been authenticated.


    Supported Environments

    Operating Systems*: Server 2008, 2012, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Server 2016

    PowerTCP SSL for ActiveX can be used in the following development environments:

    • Visual Basic
    • Visual C++
    • FoxPro
    • ASP
    • VBScript (wscript, cscript, etc)
    • MS Office VBA


    Visual Basic
    Looking to integrate SSL into Visual Basic? PowerTCP SSL for ActiveX contains 10 full sample projects for Visual Basic, including a full-blown secure FTP Client, FTP Server, POP Client, and Web Server!


    Visual C++
    PowerTCP SSL for ActiveX includes C++ wrapper classes to make SSL integration into C++ even easier. In addition, 4 full sample projects are included.