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Product Release History for PowerTCP Telnet for .NET

The following is a list of public releases for all components shipped with PowerTCP Telnet for .NET (Latest Release 2023-2-37) 


PowerTCP Telnet for .NET

   Current Version: Released: 2023-2-27

Dart Communications is pleased to announce the release of PowerTCP Telnet for .NET 6.1.


Changes in this release:

  • Licensing has been refactored. Please review documentation here.
  • Support for .NET Framework 3.5 has been dropped and a minimum of .NET Framework 4.5 is now required. (Please contact sales@dart.com if you require an assembly for a previous version of .NET Framework.)
  • Improved Visual Studio Integration.
  • Full support for .NET 7.   Released: 2020-12-16


Product fixes in this release:

  • Fixed a minor compatibility issue so that Dart.Telnet.Standard.dll can be used with .NET 5.0.   Released: 2019-06-17


  • Fixed an issue in the .NET Standard assembly that resulted in string resources not being available when certain exceptions occurred. (1075)
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in .NET Standard assemblies being unusable in newer .NET Core preview releases Released: 2018-07-19


  • Added support for .NET Standard 2.0 and .NET Core 2.0
  • New .NET Core 2.0 sample projects, referencing the Dart.Telnet.Standard dll
  • Updated trial license operation for use on .NET Standard-compatible platforms
    - Details regarding trial operation for Dart.Telnet.Standard.dll can be found in the Licensing and Trial Operation topic in the included help documentation   Released: 2017-03-08


  • Visual Studio 2017 compatibility.   Released: 2016-12-19


Product fixes in this release:

  • Login prompt exception messages have been improved and will now report which prompts could not be found. (655)   Released: 2012-11-15


  • Changed serialization to use simple partial name serialization to improve cross-version compatibility.


Product fixes in this release:

  • Addressed issues in the sample Telnet model code that caused an exception to be incorrectly thrown during the login process.
  • Addressed an issue where the control might hang if the remote server closes the connection during a read with the Telnet control. (5446)
  • Addressed an issue where calling the Close method on the Telnet control in the StateChanged event may cause the Telnet control to hang. (5631)   Released: 2012-10-24


  • Updated for Visual Studio 2012 integration and Windows 8 compatibility.
  • Trial licensing operation updated.


Product fixes in this release:

  • Addressed a globalization issue that prevented correct operation for systems using the following language cultures: Azeri (az), Azeri-Latin (az-Latn), Azeri-Latin-Azerbaijan (az-Latn-AZ), Turkish (tr), Turkish-Turkey (tr-TR) (TFS31)   Released: 2012-07-12


Product fixes in this release:

  • Fixed a licensing issue with web service applications.
  • Updated the title bar of licensing messages to not indicate a product is in trial when it is licensed.   Released: 2012-06-27


  • Updated trial operation behavior and removed obstacle to using product in .NET Framework 4.5.   Released: 2012-04-30


Product fixes in this release:

  • Fixed an issue that prevented operation in MONO. A NotImplementedException no longer occurs when trying to connect in a MONO environment. (5586)   Released: 2011-03-24


  • Some custom Start delegates have been replaced with the .NET Framework standard WaitCallback delegate. This generally means that callback functions no longer include the calling component as a parameter (this is true even for custom delegates that were not replaced).
  • The Connect method was updated to take the new TcpSession object as a parameter. TcpSession is a serializable object that facilitates the saving of session settings.
  • The AuthenticateAsClient and AuthenticateAsServer methods were updated to take the new ClientSecurity and ServerSecurity objects as parameters, respectively. These two objects are serializable, facilitating the saving of security sessions.
  • The ReadToX functions (ReadtoDelimiter, ReadToCount, ReadToEnd) were updated to throw the new DataException when an error condition occurs. DataException includes a DataRead field which provides the data read prior to the exception.
  • Several samples were updated with "model" classes, to fall more in line with the Model-View-Controller (MVC) design philosophy. For more on MVC, see the "MVC Design in Applications" page of the help file.


Product fixes in this release:

  • Fixed an issue where the components would not use a specified local port under certain circumstances. (5359)   Released: 2010-05-14


  • PowerTCP Telnet has been updated with a new install and VS 2010 integration.
  • Product fixes in this release:
  • Fixed a delay that would sometimes occur during the first Connect to a server. (5118)
  • Data Direction in the Log event handler has been fixed to no longer always be DataDirection.In. (5169)
  • The behavior of the Login method has changed. The default timeout value for each Read is now 6 seconds. A timeout exception will occur if the expected login prompt or password prompt is not found before the timeout period expires. (5216)
  • Aborting an explicitly secure connection during the SSL Handshake no longer negatively impacts an immediate subsequent explicitly secure connection. (5275)   Released: 2010-01-05


  • Telnet for .NET now uses native Framework classes for SSL functionality.
  • Telnet for .NET has a new licensing model. External runtime license files are no longer utilized. Instead, a license resource is generated and embedded within the executing assembly.   Released: 2009-10-30


  • An update to licensing and the help file. Note that users with an existing 4.1 Developer License File must obtain a new Developer License File for this release.   Released: 2009-06-03


  • An update to licensing and the help file.   Released: 2009-05-13


  • The component Error event handler now utilizes Dart.Common.ComponentErrorEventArgs.
  • Telnet has been updated with a new easier-to-use licensing model.   Released: 2009-02-17


  • This latest version of the venerable PowerTCP product line gets a new .NET 2.0 re-design that leverages the power of the latest .NET environments to provide the most advanced Internet Communications components available. Some of the features include:
  • Auto-login capabilities
  • Auto-option negotiation with easy configuration options
  • Secure SSL Telnet support
  • Blocking reads that wait for defined delimiters, specifically designed for scripting applications
  • Start method for easily implemented multi-threaded applications, including cross-threading marshaling support
  • PTY property binds a TextBox to the Telnet component as a ready-made interface for interactive online communications
  • Logging event for easy debugging and session logging
  • Proxy support
  • Includes Rexec, Rsh and Rlogin components in addition to Telnet