PowerTCP Web Enterprise for ActiveX | Http ActiveX Control

PowerTCP Web Enterprise for ActiveX Features

Http ActiveX Control (HTTP and HTTPS)

The Http control is used to communicate (send GET and POST requests) with HTTP and HTTPS servers.

Features include:

  • Full support for Secure connections
  • Easily Get a complete web page with one method call
  • Simulate form posts
  • Send cookies or custom headers
  • Post data and files


Code Example

How easy is the Web Control to use? Check out the following VB example, which gets an HTML file and displays its contents.


Dim Orderform As String
Http1.Timeout = 20000 'Give it 20 seconds to complete
Http1.Url = "http://www.dart.com/" 'Specify the URL to GET
Http1.Get Orderform 'Send a GET request, Orderform will be filled with data
Text1.Text = Orderform 'The HTML code for the web site appears in the text box