PowerTCP Web for ActiveX

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Code Examples

Sample Projects Included

The PowerTCP Web for ActiveX samples are fully working applications and include complete source code.

Sample Name Sample Description Environments
PageFetch Demonstrates how to Get a web page. VB 6, VC++ 6
Post Demo Demonstrates how to Post information to a website. VB 6
Multipart Post Demo Demonstrates how to Post files and variables to a website. VB 6
LinkSpider Demonstrates how to build a spider to search for information on the Web. VB 6
WebAlive Compares the download performance of any two web pages. Useful for comparing the relative performance of mirrored webservers. VB 6



Web for ActiveX includes the following application:

Application Description
Debug Server This server application is based on one of Dart's own internal testing tools and is designed to help developers debug their client-side applications. Permits the tester to respond to the client application with a customized response message.



ASP (Online) Samples

Samples written in VBScript for traditional ASP pages.

Sample Name Sample Description Environments
Web Scraper ASP application that accesses any web page and displays the text in an edit box. COM, .NET
HTML Mail on the Web The Http Control gets a page (including all images) and sends it to the specified email address. COM