PowerTCP Zip Compression for ActiveX

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Available Platforms

Included with PowerTCP Zip Compression for ActiveX

  • 8 Controls/Objects.
  • 10 Full Sample projects.
  • 1 ASP Sample.
  • Full MS Help 1.3 Documentation, including examples.
  • Free Introductory Support.


Component Description
Zip Control Compresses and decompresses files and memory buffers.
FileStore Object A powerful collection object that holds File objects and enables seamless file-to-file, buffer-to-buffer, file-to-buffer and buffer-to-file compression and decompression.
File Object An object representing a File or memory buffer.
FileAttributes Object An object representing the attributes of a file.
SpanSettings Object A property object designed to tell the FileStore how to span a compressed file.
DartStream Object Manages a streamed buffer to/from memory or a file.
DartStreams Object A collection of DartStream Objects
DartStrings Object powerful and speedy string collection object.


Supported Environments

Operating Systems*: Server 2008, 2012, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Server 2016



PowerTCP Zip Compression for ActiveX can be used in the following development environments:

  • Visual Basic
  • Visual C++
  • FoxPro
  • ASP
  • VBScript (wscript, cscript, etc)
  • MS Office VBA


Visual Basic
Looking to integrate file compression into Visual Basic? PowerTCP Zip Compression for ActiveX contains 5 full sample projects for Visual Basic, including a full-blown Visual Basic Zip Manager!


Visual C++
PowerTCP Zip Compression for ActiveX includes C++ wrapper classes to make file compression integration into C++ even easier. In addition, 4 full sample projects are included.