PowerTCP Zip Compression for .NET

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Available Platforms

Code Examples

These PowerTCP Zip Compression for. NET code snippets can be copied and pasted into your project.

Code Snippet Description
Compress A Folder Demonstrates how zip the contents of a folder with progress.
Decompress A Zip File Demonstrates how to unzip a zip file with progress.
Encrypt Memory Streams Demonstrates how to zip/unzip and encrypt/decrypt data in memory.
Self-Extracting File Demonstrates how to create a self-extracting zip file.



Sample Projects Included

Download the Zip Compression for .NET Trial Samples here.
Download the Zip Compression for .NET Samples here.

The samples are fully working applications in C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET, and Delphi 8 and include complete source code.

Sample Name Sample Description Languages
FolderArchive Demonstrates compressing multiple directories. VB.NET, C#
StreamArchive Demonstrates compressing and decompressing data in memory. VB.NET, C#
Streams Demonstrates compressing and decompressing streaming data. VB.NET, C#
Unzipper Demonstrates unzipping scenarios. VB.NET, C#
WebArchive Demonstrates usage in ASP.NET VB.NET, C# (ASP.NET)
ZipManager Manages compressed files similar to WinZip VB.NET, C#
Zipper Demonstrates zipping scenarios. VB.NET, C#