PowerTCP Sockets for .NET

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PowerTCP Sockets for .NET features


PowerTCP Sockets for .NET Tcp Component

Use the Tcp component to communicate with any host using TCP (Transmission Control Protocol). Features include:


  • Stream interface enables advanced read/write capabilities such as reading to a delimiter
  • SSL support for secure communication
  • Log event exposes data sent and received for easy debugging and logging
  • Start method provides easy to implement operation on a worker thread
  • Asynchronous socket reads also supported
  • Marshal methods handle data marshaling to the UI thread
  • Support for popular proxies, including Socks and HttpConnect
  • PTY property binds a TextBox to the component as a ready-made interface for interactive online communications
  • Underlying properties of the utilized socket exposed
  • Provides asynchronous awaitable connect, read, write, and authenticate operations.
  • Integrates with versions 2005, 2008, 2010 and 2012 of Visual Studio
  • Supports C#, VB.NET, C++/CLI, ASP.NET and other .NET compliant development environments
  • Includes a royalty-free license!


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