What customers are saying about File Upload for ASP.NET...

We're sure File Upload for ASP.NET is a great solution for most web applications, but don't take our word for it. Below is just a sample of what our customers are saying:


"My application requires the uploading of a number of files in one go, usually large PDF or Image files. Additionally, I needed (because of the sensitivity of documents) the ability to interact with the stream of data so that data could be shunted into a sql server database without ever being written to disk. Other products may have this capability ... but I found it in yours pretty easily.
I looked at a number of file upload products - one of the products I evaluated was called ElementIt.PowUpload. – This has a “flash” solution like yours to deal with; however, I found their product too “clunky” for my liking. When I was evaluating Dart’s File Upload product, I came across a problem I couldn’t solve. Turned out to be an incompatibility with your product and another control from ComponentArt. (it was an Ajax conflict). Your people fixed that pretty quickly and I wasn’t even a customer. Since then, I’ve had a couple of queries... all dealt with very efficiently. The bottom line: Dart met my needs 100%; the ability to capture the data during the upload and then do what I want with it was the key factor, as was their support, both before and AFTER purchase."
- Paul M.


"My company needed to give our users the ability to upload multiple images. Since digital cameras are getting better and better these days and pictures are getting larger, a regular upload over a postback is becoming outdated. The postback can be quite long when you’re trying to upload 3 images at 2meg each. During this time the user would watch a blank screen and have no idea if the upload is actually happening or there is an error somewhere. Also, it could timeout after some time which would be a nasty experience. I wanted to make the change, but I knew too little about Ajax to actually write the code myself plus time was of the essence. I’d rather focus on what I am good at and save time by spending the money. In the end it was totally worth it. I looked at several products, searching for something customizable and flexible. And, most importantly, it had to WORK!
I was up and running within the day using PowerWEB File Upload."
- Thomas Z.


"We needed to perform batch uploads of files through the web browser. While we knew that the HTTP spec supports batch file uploads, there were no controls widely implemented or included by default as a part of the web browser. We could implement something from scratch but we know this must be a common problem that many others faced. So, we began researching other downloadable solutions (commercial and otherwise).
We considered many other File Upload products, but Dart’s had exactly what we were looking for. The sales and technical staff were extremely helpful on the telephone; answered all of our questions, etc, and agreed to allow us to try the product for 30 days before we purchased.
The bottom line: the product works well and was not difficult to integrate with our web application. Of paramount importance to a small company like ours is the availability of “knowledgeable” staff to answer your questions, not being too pushy, and giving us a chance to “test drive” the product. If the product is what we need, we will buy it. Dart seems to realize this."
- Daryl B.


"Our company needed to upload multiple files within an asp.net page (c#, .net 2.0) with files sizes between 500kb and 10 MB. We tried to resolve this ourselves, but due to the caching issues within iis, we quickly noticed that this is not the right way for our solution, since we’re planning an on-line community where many users are logged in and upload files.
We did some evaluation of other products, but your demo worked out great, so the decision was easy. Keep up the good work!"
-Stefan L.


"We were trying to provide a sample file upload functionality in a website we are developing. There was a better time/cost advantage of buying the component and integrating it versus writing the component ourself. The primary driver was cost savings for the development team and faster time to market. We considered Dart’s File Upload, and also RadUpload, Radactive, and Softartisans and quickly reduced the choices to two: Dart and Radactive. The developers decided Dart’s product was better and liked the features more. Easy!"
- Alan B.


"We were looking for a component to upload multiple files and asp upload; what we were using was not the most elegant solution and I wanted to save development time and costs. I researched quite hard because what Dart was offering was not quite what I wanted and there were a number of competitors offering similar functionality. It was a tough choice, but the main reason I chose Dart’s File Upload was because I wanted to avoid plug-ins; the solution had to work without causing problems at the customer end – and your service team did a nice job answering my questions."
- Edward W. (OFEC Consulting LTD)