Windows Forms SNMP Agent Code Example

The following example demonstrates an SNMP agent in a Windows Forms environment. The agent receives requests and responds.


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private void button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
    //This application has a User-Interface, which we do not want to block.
    //A callback function is passed to Start, which launches an internal worker thread
    //that listens for requests.
    //This simple example supports just one variable, which is added to the agent's
    //variables collection.
    string iid = agent1.Mib.GetByNodeName(NodeName.sysContact).Iid;
    agent1.Variables.Add(iid, agent1.Mib.CreateVariable(NodeName.sysContact, "Ned Stark"));
    //Start listening for requests.
    agent1.Start(agent1_MessageReceived, null);

private void agent1_MessageReceived(Agent agent, RequestMessage request, object state)
    //This callback function executes whenever the agent receives a request.
    //A Response message is created and sent to the querying manager.
    agent1.Send(agent1.CreateDefaultResponse(request), request.Origin);