PowerTCP Zip Compression for ActiveX

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PowerTCP Zip Compression for ActiveX Features

Zip ActiveX Control

Use the Zip control to add file compression/decompression and advanced encryption to applications written in many development environments. These quality tools represent state-of-the-art component design. Our customers deserve nothing less:


  • Supports AES encryption.
  • Fully integrated with the FileStore object. Add files to the FileStore object and zip, or add a compressed file to the FileStore and unzip.
  • Flexible memory operations. Compress/uncompress data in memory.
  • Simple QuickZip and QuickUnzip methods enable file compression and decompression with only one line of code!
  • Fastest compression available.
  • Large files over 2 gigabytes is supported (zip64).
  • WinZip®, PKZIP®, and UNIX gzip compatible.



Development Environments

  • Visual Studio .NET (.NET Framework)
  • Visual Basic (VB)
  • Visual C++ (VC++)
  • FoxPro
  • PowerBuilder
  • Delphi
  • C++ Builder
  • ASP
  • Office 97/2000




Public Properties
Algorithm The compression algorithm that is used for the control.
BackgroundOperation Specifies whether compression operations are synchronous or asynchronous.
DoEvents Allows for the processing of application message events when BackgroundOperation is False.
FileStore The object that is used for fine-tuned zip, unzip, and file manipulation functionality.
ProgressSize Sets when the Progress event will be raised based on the number of kilobytes compressed or decompressed.
Public Methods
Abort Aborts any method and releases all resources.
About Show the About Box.
QuickUnzip Extract from a compressed file into a specified location.
QuickZip Compress a file or a group of files.
Disk Raised when a new disk is needed during a spanning process.
Error Raised when an error or warning condition occurs.
Progress Raised periodically to indicate compression or decompression activity.



Code Example

How easy is the Zip ActiveX component to use? Check out the VB examples below.


Example 1: The first example demonstrates compressing several files into a single zip file.


' Add items to the FileStore using the Add method
Zip1.FileStore.Add "c:\temp\file1.txt"
Zip1.FileStore.Add "c:\temp\file2.txt"
Zip1.FileStore.Add "c:\temp\file3.txt"

' Zip all of the files into "zippedfiles.zip"
Zip1.FileStore.Zip "c:\temp\zippedfiles.zip"


Example 2: The second example demonstrates compressing and AES encrypting several files into a single compressed file.


' Add files to the FileStore.
' Encrypt them with the strongest possible level of AES encryption.
Zip1.FileStore.Add "C:\Test\file1.txt", , , "mypassword", zipAESMaximum
Zip1.FileStore.Add "C:\Test\file2.txt", , , "mypassword", zipAESMaximum
Zip1.FileStore.Add "C:\Test\file3.txt", , , "mypassword", zipAESMaximum

' Zip all of the files into "encrypted.zip"
Zip1.FileStore.Zip ("c:\Test\encrypted.zip")