Post Data Code Example

The following example demonstrates a data Post using the Web control. The function creates a data string from the parameters passed in and submits it to the specified URL.


Private Function PostData(ByVal url As StringByVal name As String, _
    ByVal company As StringByVal quantity As Integer)
    'Set URL of the page to post to.
    Web1.Request.url = url

    'Add data variables to the Request.
    Web1.Request.Variables("name") = name
    Web1.Request.Variables("company") = company
    Web1.Request.Variables("quantity") = CStr(quantity)

    'Submit the data.

    'Return response.
    Dim response As String
    response = GetVersion(Web1.response.version) + " "
    response = response + CStr(Web1.response.Status)
    response = response + " " + Web1.response.StatusText + vbCrLf
    response = response + Web1.response.Header.All + vbCrLf
    response = response + Web1.response.Body.ReadString
    PostData = response
End Function

Private Function GetVersion(ByVal version As WebVersionConstants)
    GetVersion = ""
    If version = webHTTP10 Then GetVersion = "HTTP/1.0"
    If version = webHTTP11 Then GetVersion = "HTTP/1.1"
End Function