PowerSNMP for ActiveX

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PowerSNMP for ActiveX Agent Control

Use the Agent ActiveX control to easily build SNMP agents. Provides an easy-to-use interface that handles the details of processing and responding to SNMP managers' requests. Sends traps.


  • Start method turns on agent asynchronous processing
    - Request event is raised when a request message arrives and includes a default response message
    - Log event is raised for logging all incoming/outgoing messages
    - Error event is raised to report errors
    - Binds to any IP address (version 4 or 6, IP_ANY and LOOPBACK)
  • Independently encodes and sends trap and notification messages to managers (local IPEndPoint can be specified)
  • Automatically generates default response messages from the local MIB object that can be sent as-is or modified by your application
  • Automatic, on-the-fly message encoding and decoding
  • Implements a v3 authoritative engine object that responds with v3 report messages
  • Handles all v1, v2 and v3 Get, GetNext, GetBulk and Set requests and error reporting
  • Console and web applications without a message loop are fully supported using MTA (Multi-Threaded Apartment Model) option
  • Windows forms applications with a message loop are fully supported using asynchronous STA (Single-Threaded Apartment Model) option
  • Build a message by setting properties, adding variables (OIDs) using simple Variable objects, and sending the message. It doesn't get any easier!


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