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PowerTCP FTP for .NET features


Complete Feature List for PowerTCP FTP for .NET

Easy to Use in Any Type of Project
  • Methods are simple blocking functions with little overhead
  • Streamlined for integration into non-UI projects such as web sites and services
  • Supports Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) applications 
  • Start and Marshal methods provide asynchronous use for applications with a UI
  • Perform simultaneous file transfers in multi-threaded applications
  • Progress event is used to monitor and display transfer rate and advancement
  • Log event is used to for logging and debugging
  • Compatible with Client Profile projects


Includes the Features You Expect
  • Upload and download files and directories
  • Create directories
  • Delete files and directories, including subfolders
  • ASCII and binary transfers
  • Passive and active transfers
  • Set site-specific options and parameters
  • Runs in .NET 2.0+ Frameworks
  • Compliant with RFC 959 plus many extension standards


Plus Much More
  • Parses listings into easy-to-use objects
  • Throttle property can be used to limit bandwidth used
  • Resume interrupted transfers
  • Synchronize remote and local directories
  • Stream interface for direct access to the data connection
  • MODE Z On-the-fly ZLIB compression can be used to archive compressed files, or compatible servers can expand/compress files to minimize bandwidth used
  • IPv6 support, including "dual stack sockets" to help migrate to IPv6
  • Send custom commands
  • Abort transfers without losing the control connection
  • Transfer large (greater than 4 GB) files
  • Customize List parsing to recognize non-English months


Why Buy PowerTCP FTP for .NET?

 PowerTCP FTP for .NET features compared with .NET Framework 2.0/3.5/4.0 (Visual Studio 2005/2008/2010) 

Feature Visual Studio PowerTCP FTP for .NET
"AUTH TLS" explicit encryption support
Comprehensive explicit and implicit encryption -
Support for single file and streaming data transfers
Recursive wild-card directory file transfers and deletions -
MODE Z "On-the-fly" ZLIB compression support -
File listing parsing -
Log event for session logging and debugging -
Extensive firewall and proxy support -
Transfer rate throttle -



"PowerTCP FTP for .NET is our 4th-generation FTP product, and includes many ease-of-use features that our customers have requested over the years. You won't find any FTP component that is more intuitive or better documented".
-- Michael Baldwin, President



FTP for .NET Security Features (FTPS)

  • Secure (SSL 2.0, SSL 3.0, PCT, TLS 1.0, 1.1, 1.2) TCP communications supported
  • Explicit and implicit FTPS support
  • Secure the control (command) connection, the data connection, both, or neither
  • Network Address Translation (NAT) router support for secure transfers
  • Switch between secure and non-secure modes
  • X509 certificate management
  • Certificate callbacks allow for user-driven certificate validation
  • Proxy support for SOCKS 4/5, HTTP CONNECT, OPEN, USER and SITE FTP



Looking for an SFTP (SSH FTP) Product?

PowerTCP FTP for .NET includes support for FTPS (FTP over SSL). For SFTP support see PowerTCP SSH and SFTP for .NET



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