PowerTCP Mail for .NET

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PowerTCP Mail for .NET features


PowerTCP Mail for .NET Pop Component

Easily download messages from any Post Office Protocol (POP3) server.

  • Authentication support: CRAM-MD5, GSSAPI and NTLM (with single-sign-on), LOGIN, PLAIN, clear-text, APOP
  • Select secure (SSL 2.0, SSL 3.0, PCT, TLS) or unencrypted TCP communications.
  • Easy session management. Default behavior is to login and populate a PopMessageCollection with size and id information for each message.
  • Flexible message retrieval. Get an entire message, only the header, or only a specified number of lines.
  • Attachments can be decoded and stored as files or MemoryStreams.
  • Advanced decoding. Attachments are decoded on-the-fly, making your application faster and more efficient.
  • Authenticate and decrypt S/MIME messages.
  • Progress event reports download progress.
  • Send any command to the server using the exposed TCP connection.
  • Log event can be used to monitor data.


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