PowerTCP Server for ActiveX

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Code Examples

Included Sample Projects

These PowerTCP Server for ActiveX samples included with the installation are fully working applications with complete source code.
Sample Name Sample Description Environments
Character Generator Uses the Server and Service Controls to generate a continuous stream of characters. We use this for QA stress testing. VB 6
Discard Server Uses Server and Service Controls to receive any data stream. VB 6
DNS Proxy A program that could be used to intercept DNS requests and perform actions based on the request (in this case a simple log file) before supplying the response to the requestor. VB 6
Echo Server Uses the Server and Service Controls to echo back received data. VB 6, VC++ 6
FTP Server Uses the FtpServer and Service Controls to implement an FTP Server Service. VB 6
Proxy Server Demonstrates how to use PowerTCP to perform the functions of several of the most common proxy types. VB 6
SMTP Server Uses the Server and Service Controls to implement an SMTP (mail) server. VB 6


Server for ActiveX also includes the following application(s):

Application Description
Debug Server This server application is based upon one of Dart's own internal testing tools and is designed to help developers debug their client-side applications by being able to see the message sent from a client application. Then, a developer can respond to the client application with a customized response message sent from the server.