PowerTCP Telnet for ActiveX

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Included Examples

The PowerTCP Telnet for ActiveX examples are fully working applications and include complete source code.
Example Name Example Description Environments
AutoLogin Demo Demonstrates how to use the PowerTCP Telnet Tool to automate the process of logging into a Telnet server. VB 5/6, VC++
Telnet Client Interactive application illustrates the use of Telnet, rexec, rsh, and rlogin. VB 5/6, VC++
Telnet Console Demonstrates the use of Telnet in a console application. VC++


The Telnet for ActiveX installation also includes the following application(s):

Application Description
Debug Server This server application is based upon one of Dart's own internal testing tools and is designed to help developers debug their client-side applications by being able to see the message sent from a client application. Then, a developer can respond to the client application with a customized response message sent from the server.


ASP (Online) Examples
Our ASP examples give a live, onsite demonstration of our tools.

Example Name Example Description Environments
Rexec on the Web ASP application uses the Telnet Control to connect to any rexec server, execute a command, and display the results. COM, .NET
AutoLogin on the Web The Telnet Control is used to automatically log in to a Telnet server based on given values for the server's address and various prompts and responses. COM