PowerTCP Telnet for .NET

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Available Platforms

Code Examples

These PowerTCP Telnet for .NET code snippets can be copied and pasted into your project.

Code Snippet Description
Automated Session Demonstrates how to write a scripted automated session.
Option Negotiation Demonstrates how to manually handle telnet option negotiation.
Receive and Display Data Demonstrates how to receive and display data.



Example Projects

Samples are working applications demonstrating Sockets for .NET components in C#, VB.NET and C++/CLI. Source code included.

Name Description
Automated Client Demonstrates execution of an automated Windows Forms application using Telnet.
Rexec Client Demonstrates execution of a command using Rexec. Windows Forms application.
Rlogin Client Demonstrates a user-interactive Rlogin Windows Forms application.
Rsh Client Demonstrates execution of a command using Rsh. Windows Forms application.
Telnet Client Demonstrates a user-interactive Telnet Windows Forms application.
Automated Console Demonstrates use of Telnet in a console application. Windows Forms application.
PTY Client Demonstrates use of the Pty feature, which adds a TextBox interface to the Telnet component. Windows Forms application.
Automated Web Demonstrates use of Telnet on a web page. C#, VB source.