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WebASP ActiveX Control (HTTP and HTTPS)

Use the WebASP control to communicate with Web Servers using HTTP and HTTPS. The WebASP control differs from the PowerTCP Http control in the following ways:

  • It is WinInet independent, making this control suitable for high-performance web server applications
  • It uses an intuitive WebMessage object to represent HTTP Requests and Responses
  • It integrates with the WebPage object, providing powerful HTML parsing and resource collecting


Features include:

  • Easily Get a complete web page with one method call
  • Post files to the server using the PostedFile property
  • Use the WebPage object to gather HTML resources and to parse HTML
  • Cookie object makes it easy to create and send cookies within your code
  • Secure (HTTPS) connections fully supported
  • Customize certificate handling
  • Client authentication fully supported


Code Example

How easy is the WebASP control to use? Check out the following VB example below, which gets an HTML file and saves it to disk.


'Reset the Request Message
WebASP1.Request.Content = ""

'Get a file
WebASP1.Request.Url = "www.test.com/testweb.html"

'Check the result
If WebASP1.Response .Status = 200 Then 
    'Good response from server
    'Save it to a file
    WebASP1.Response.Body.Filename = "C:\temp\TestWeb.txt"
End If 


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