PowerTCP WebServer for ActiveX

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The PowerTCP WebServer for ActiveX samples are fully working applications and include complete source code.
Sample Name Sample Description Environments
Cookie Test Shows how to check for client-side cookie support, and how to set/read cookies on the client. VB 6
MultiInterface Demonstrates how to create an application that can serve a similar interface on both the Windows operating system and the Internet. This also includes a secondary web server that acts as a remote security control for the application. VB 6
Web FAQ Demonstrates a simple web-based database application that shows adding and presentation of answers to Frequently Asked Questions. VB 6
Web Server A secure web server that can be configured to listen on any port. VB6, VC6
Web Service To demonstrate how to use PowerTCP WebServer for ActiveX to write a simple HTTP/HTTPS web server. When compiled, this application can be run as a Service using the PowerTCP NT Service Control. VB 6
XML Database Demonstrates how to use the WebServer Control to serve XML code. This sample requires ADO version 2.1 or higher and Microsoft's XML Parser v3 or higher. Please refer to the Readme file installed with the sample or the sample itself if you need to download the latest versions from Microsoft. VB 6



WebServer for ActiveX also includes the following application(s):

Application Description
Debug Server This server application is based upon one of Dart's own internal testing tools and is designed to help developers debug their client-side applications by being able to see the message sent from a client application. Then, a developer can respond to the client application with a customized response message sent from the server.


ASP (Online) Samples
Our ASP samples give a live, onsite demonstration of our tools.

Sample Name Sample Description Environments
Web Forum Web Forum, written by Dart's Technical Support Staff, provides a message forum that incorporates email, technical articles, and search capabilities. VB 6