PowerTCP WebServer for ActiveX

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Available Platforms

Included with PowerTCP WebServer for ActiveX

  • 16 Controls/Objects.
  • 15 Full Sample projects.
  • Debug Server for debugging and protocol testing.
  • Full MS Help 1.3 Documentation, including examples.
  • Free Introductory Support.


Component Description
Service Control Use to make your application into an NT Service.
WebServer Control Use to build web-based applications from within Visual Basic or any other development environment that supports ActiveX controls.
CertificateList Control Presents the user with an interface to select certificates.
Certificate Object Use to access information about a digital certificate.
Certificates Object Collection of Certificate Objects.
CertificateStore Object Use to gain access to a store of certificates on the local system.
Cookie Object Use to manage cookies.
Cookies Object Collection of Cookie Objects.
DartStream Object Use the DartStream Object to manage a streamed buffer to/from memory or a file.
HttpHeaderFields Object Use to manage HTTP header fields.
HttpVariable Object Use to store and manage variables.
HttpVariables Object Collection of HttpVariable Objects.
Request Object Use to obtain information about the current request.
Response Object Use to manage information sent back to the client.
Session Object Use to manage information describing a client session.
Sessions Object Use the Sessions Object to manage multiple Session Objects.


Supported Environments

Operating Systems*: Server 2008, 2012, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Server 2016

PowerTCP WebServer for ActiveX can be used in the following development environments:

  • Visual Basic
  • Visual C++
  • FoxPro
  • VBScript (wscript, cscript, etc)
  • Microsoft Office VBA


Visual Basic
Looking to create an HTTP Server in Visual Basic? PowerTCP WebServer for ActiveX contains 8 full sample projects for Visual Basic, including a full-blown Visual Basic Web Server!


Visual C++
PowerTCP WebServer for ActiveX includes C++ wrapper classes to make creating HTTP servers in C++ even easier. In addition, 2 full sample projects are included.